About the Hessle and Anlaby Foodbank

We have been serving the local community since 2020.

The Hessle and Anlaby Foodbank was established in 2020 during the pandemic. Initially we believed that the need was short term and once Covid-19 became less virulent the need would wane. However here we are in 2022, the foodbank is serving over 70 families. We knew there was a need in neighbouring Hull, with food banks set up to help, but we’d no idea there were so many pockets of need in the west Hull villages. Our help has been very generous, too generous some might say. We are unapologetic about including fresh fruit and veg, fresh meat, eggs and cheese in our parcels. We are proud that we’ve (mainly) established a trust with our clients, who tell us when they can move from weekly to monthly parcels or can manage once without they’ve gained permanent employment.

Our Team at work