Each month we’ll ask you to complete a shopping list, noting what you would and would not want in a parcel. We’ll need to know if you like to cook, or eat convenience foods, and if there are dietary needs such as being a vegetarian or having a food allergy. Of course we’re not Sainsburys or Asda (!), so we don’t have everything on our shelves but we’ll do our best to provide what you need. The parcel will will contain a mixture of basics such as tins of beans and tomatoes, fresh bread donated from Jacksons of Hull, eggs, plus pasta, rice, noodles and cooking sauces. On a monthly basis we’ll add jam, margarine, coffee and/or tea, sugar, biscuits and cakes. When available we’ll include shampoo, washing detergent, toothpaste, shower gel and soap, washing up liquid, dog or cat food, plus fresh meat and cheese.